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Any visitor to New York City has walked through dark, grimy sidewalk sheds under scaffolding. This team created a modular system with a seat, counter, planter, screen, and lighting to turn such spaces into pocket parks. “This has business relevance in the world’s largest cities
— judge and Behance co-founder and CEO Scott Belsky.

A green initiative called Softwalks has come up with a way to use existing scaffolding as support stations for fun and lively modular public spaces using their awesome little DIY kits that contain easy-to-build pieces such as a chair, a counter, and a green trellis. The components latch onto the metal beams to create simple impromptu hang-outs and rest stops for busy city dwellers, making the possibilities for sidewalk beautification endless.
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While skyscrapers and condos may hog the design spotlight in New York City, an awesome project called Softwalks is turning a design eye towards another common city sight, scaffolding. Softwalks has created a DIY kit that allows people to activate pesky sidewalk scaffolding into mini seating and meeting areas. The modular pieces latch on with ease and quickly turn an unsightly metal-beam fence into a pop-up public square.